Foot Reflexology in Near Airport Mahipalpur

It is a unique way of massaging the body. It reduces the tension of the brain and provides relief to the nervous system. In this technique, special reflex organs are pressurized. These parts are Foot, hands and ears. With Foot Reflexology massage, you get rid of many problems like heart related diseases, headaches, kidney problem, diabetes and restlessness.

Foot reflexology is a simple and effective manual technique aimed at maintaining good health. It is one of many alternative therapies, with many physicians considering foot reflexology as a complementary therapy rather than alternative medicine. It uses massage and pressure techniques on the feet, the therapist uses foot reflex zone maps to suit different areas of our body.

Purposes of foot reflexology
This massage is done keeping in mind the state of optimal balance of the body, the energy channels and the nervous system present in the foot. Reflexology massage stimulates energy circulation, leading to normal revitalization and determining the natural process of self-healing. We get many benefits from this massage:

  • To fix the psychological harmony of the organism
  • Relaxation and re-balance of nervous system
  • Eliminating toxins, improving skin condition and muscle tone
  • Improve blood circulation and oxygen, in favor of better breathing
  • Stimulates the body's immune defenses.

When to take a foot reflexology massage

  • Joint pain (arthralgia) and joint disease (arthropathy)
  • Digestive diseases (indigestion), menstrual disorders, mood disorders, stress, asthenia, insomnia, migraine, allergies
  • Cardio-circulatory diseases.